Our Mission

Success: The measure of people who do what they do because it’s honest and honorable. Our clients ask for nothing more and deserve nothing less. We instill this belief in everyone of our people every single day.

Our History

Swift Contractors, Inc. is proud to be part of the Sioux Falls business community and is proud of the many buildings it has contributed to the people of Sioux Falls. We are proud of our company and its many loyal, hard-working employees.

Swift Bros. Construction Co.

Founded in 1948 by Robert and Raymond Swift, Swift Contractors has grown from a small residential contractor to a successful commercial builder constructing some of South Dakota’s best-known buildings. After both brothers served in WWII, Robert and Raymond joined Dick Aschoff and founded Swift Bros. Construction. They developed their standard of quality by focusing on residential construction. Swift Contractors history and growth has come from their many quality employees who have worked and built their careers with the company.

Ray and Bob Enter Commercial Field

In the mid-fifties, Swift Bros. Construction entered the commercial field and started developing the high-quality buildings that are a part of South Dakota’s history. Some of their first commercial projects were Rich Bros. Warehouse and the First Lutheran Church’s Parish Hall.

As seen in Swift’s Portfolio, Swift has been very successful in building many very prominent buildings and plants all over the country. Swift Bros. Construction Co. has gone to Texas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Alaska as well as all over the state of South Dakota. Robert and Ray Swift laid the strong foundation of standards and quality that is still present in every commercial project built today.

Swift Contractor’s, Inc

In 1981, Neil Kelley joined the company and the name was changed to Swift Contractors, Inc. Neil’s 20 years of experience in the Sioux Falls construction industry added more positive growth for the company without changing the company’s standard of excellence and quality of workmanship. Today, the company continues to grow under the leadership of Teryl Kelley, who worked as a project manager under Bob and Ray. Dennis Kindt retired in 2014. Swift Contractors is a company that was built on quality with their staff, with the materials, and with their standards.

Today, Swift Contractors, Inc. works with negotiated projects and is actively successful in the bidding process. Swift Contractors excellent reputation of doing quality work with top-notch people and timely job completion with minimal problems has been a proven asset to project owners. They are the only company in which you get an owner on the job through all phases of construction. With Swift, their outstanding prep work keeps the project within budget and gives you, the client, the choice of materials and methods.


Swift Contractors’ success is due to the dedication and desire of our employees to deliver construction services above our client’s expectation. Start a career with Swift Construction. Call for an appointment today at 605-368-2185.

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Latest Projects

Beresford Pool

Completed in 2017, it replaced their previous one which was 50 years old.

Sioux Falls Greenway

The project completed a portion of the bike trail and a walking bridge.

Landmark Building

This airplane hanger was constructed to house G-5 and smaller private jets.

Client Testimonials

“We chose Swift because they were a local company in Sioux Falls, and our first concern is to work with the Sioux Falls community. They have shown through their experience an ability to work in projects similar to the types of projects we have here at Augustana, and I think their record speaks very clearly.”

Charles Brown

VP Admin of Finance, Augustana University

“There are times when wood studs are more expensive than steel studs. There's also questions about the availabilty of material. It's very helpful to have Terry come in and talk to us about these kinds of constructability issues to help us determine what is the most cost-effective system to use on the project.”

Jeff Hazard

Partner, Koch Hazard Baltzer

“We've had the working experience with Swift Contracting. This was the third project that I worked on with Swift, and we selected that process because the trust factor that we've built up with Swift. When I don't know things, I always like to look for a solution that I can trust. Swift is that type of solution.”

Jay Cudzillo

Executive Director, University Physicians