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Since 1948, Swift Contractors has earned a reputation for being highly experienced with particular attention to quality workmanship and a relentless focus on getting the job done right the first time. Our dedication gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your job will be done right the first time and stand out as a masterpiece for many years to come.

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Dedicated to the Future of Sioux Falls

Swift Contractors, Inc. is a proud member of the Sioux Falls business community. Swift is honored to have contributed so many quality structures to the city’s persona. Our many loyal, hard-working employees are dedicated to building the future of Sioux Falls.

Years of experience

Completed Projects

Latest Projects

Beresford Pool

Completed in 2017, it replaced their previous one which was 50 years old.

Sioux Falls Greenway

The project completed a portion of the bike trail and a walking bridge.

Landmark Building

This airplane hanger was constructed to house G-5 and smaller private jets.

Client Testimonials

“We chose Swift because they were a local company in Sioux Falls, and our first concern is to work with the Sioux Falls community. They have shown through their experience an ability to work in projects similar to the types of projects we have here at Augustana, and I think their record speaks very clearly.”

Charles Brown

VP Admin of Finance, Augustana University

“There are times when wood studs are more expensive than steel studs. There's also questions about the availabilty of material. It's very helpful to have Terry come in and talk to us about these kinds of constructability issues to help us determine what is the most cost-effective system to use on the project.”

Jeff Hazard

Partner, Koch Hazard Baltzer

“We've had the working experience with Swift Contracting. This was the third project that I worked on with Swift, and we selected that process because the trust factor that we've built up with Swift. When I don't know things, I always like to look for a solution that I can trust. Swift is that type of solution.”

Jay Cudzillo

Executive Director, University Physicians